Book Reviews

Laura’s book was originally printed as a photobook just for her school to help her classmates understand her better. Mr Burnett was her teacher and he read it to the class and the children loved it. Mr Burnett and the other teachers loved it and the whole school has been amazing with fundraising and advertising the book. We are extremely proud to be a part of such a wonderful community. We are hopeful all schools will get a copy for their libraries.

“On first reading ‘Just like you except a little bit different’ I was amazed at how much I learnt in the 5 minutes it took to read. I loved how it explained so much in terms that are easy to relate to, in a basic language and beautifully illustrated. This would be a valuable book for every child and adult to read in today’s society to help all understand how other people are feeling and the different things they encounter on a daily basis. I hope that this book can be introduced to schools far and wide to help close the gap for those who feel ‘a little bit different’.”

Melanie Wait (Heroes and More)

We love an independent review ❤️ Thank you so much to Kimmy for sharing on Tic Tok. Kimmy is Laura’s first bestfriend.

The book is available in hardcover,
softcover and Ebook on Amazon.

“Thank you to this family for the opportunity to read and admire this book. This book has a truly inspiring story, that I’m sure will help many people see these differences with fresh eyes. The illustrations are so life like and full of colour while still engaging the imagination. I think this is a wonderful book!. I would definitely recommend it to any parent, anyone in fact! So much understanding for such a small price that’s making a difference!!!”


A truely beautiful book written by a child aimed towards children showing those with differences they are not alone, and helping their peers know that no matter what they are not really different from each other; improving awareness and spreading acceptance.   

-Margaret Collier